Top Products for Your Yacht

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Top Products for Your Yacht

First-rate Range

For over a century, UNIservice has been serving the maritime industry including cargo ships, chemical/oil tankers, ferries and modern cruise ships. Our history began in the early 1900s with the patent of an innovative descaling product used to clean boilers as ships passed through the Suez Canal. Today, the company possesses a wealth of knowledge in the fields of chemical cleaning products and boat maintenance.

UNIservice continues to innovate and now, after years of collaboration with other important international companies, is pleased to announce a new product line designed specifically for the yachting category. This is the latest offering from a company with a reputation for being one of the most active in product development.

The company is committed to increasing efficiency and performance while focusing on reducing environmental impact through the use of high quality raw materials with a low footprint.
Using high concentrations to improve performance, our products are formulated to reduce the amount of work required while helping to safeguard the marine environment.

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Research and Evolution

Most UNIservice products have proudly received approval from the International Maritime Organization for maintaining high standards of eco-sustainability.

Modern yachts are unique and diversified. New technologies and materials require that the company continue to listen and learn in order to adapt and succeed in an increasingly competitive international market.

Through tireless research and evolution, UNIservice is maturing into a company that consistently delivers a first-rate range of products with proven formulations. This commitment will continue to drive the future growth of the company.

UNIservice is proud to design and manufacture our products in Genoa, one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean and home to the largest boat show in Europe.

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